Designer Hidenori Kuge portrait
Born in 1963


This extraordinary designer gives illumination itself the number one priority in everything he creates.
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Hidenori Kuge


The source of Hidenori Kuge’s designs is everything. Nothing less. The Japanese designer takes inspiration from objects of everyday life such as plants, handmade tools and food. Hidenori Kuge graduated from the Tokyo YMCA Institute of Design in 1984. Since then, Hidenori Kuge has specialised in the design of lighting. He began his career at the renowned Shoici Uchiyama Design Office and in 1997 established his own design firm, Kuge Design Office. 

Optimal functionality and unconventional design are the fundamental features in Hidenori Kuge’s lamp for Lightyears. Both of these trademarks are expressed in the lamp’s simple design language, his fastidious choice of materials and logical construction. True to his roots and proud of his heritage, Hidenori Kuge has chosen “Japan” as his universe. So even the name of this lamp sets it apart from everything even remotely mainstream within modern lighting.