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Designer: Benjamin Hubert


BH25, stol med stjernefod og hjul, pulverlakeret underdel

Pair stol Benjamin Hubert sort krom stjernefod på hjul
Variant: Sort ryg, sæde i sortlakeret ask, sortlakeret aluminiumsunderdel
Underdel: Pulverlakeret aluminium
Sædehøjde: 41,5-55 cm
EUR 610,00
inkl. 19% moms
Pair stole Benjamin Hubert krom pulverlakeret stjernefod med hjul
Pair stol Benjamin Hubert ryglæn
Pair stol Benjamin Hubert sort
Pair stole Benjamin Hubert pulverlakeret stel
Pair stole Benjamin Hubert
  • Pair stole Benjamin Hubert
  • Pair stole Benjamin Hubert sort stabelbare med pulverlakeret stel
  • Pair stol Benjamin Hubert stjernefod med hjul

The shell
is made of translucent coloured plastic and comes in four colours; white, red, green and black.The seat comes in natural oak veneer or in black or green coloured oak.

The base
with castors is available in chromed steel or powder coated in black or green.

Pair chair is avaialble with seat cushion.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty: 
5 years: Base, Height-adjustable, Swivel, Castors, Fabric, Seat cushion 
10 years: Shell