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Designer: Kasper Salto

Little Friend™

KS12, bord, Ø45 cm, H:60 cm

Variant: Valnød finér
Underdel: Forkromet stål
Højde: 60 cm
Bredde: 45 cm
Little Friend™ is a flexible, multifunctional and portable solution to the challenges of modern minimalistic working and living. It is perfect for your laptop as well as your morning coffee.
EUR 773,00
inkl. 19% moms
Variant: Valnød finér
Underdel: Forkromet stål
EUR 773,00

The table top
is available in compact laminate and veneer. It has a cut-out carrier handle and a rcircular plate made of polished, chromed brass.

The base
has a satin polished steel telescope center tube and the outer tube is made of mirror chromed steel. The 3-legged foot and the flange are made of pressure molded polished aluminium.