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  • Ambition: Be the leading interior brand by supporting Fritz Hansen partners in using timeless design
  • Mission: Crafting timeless design
  • Sustainability mission: Fritz Hansen will show how sustainability, quality and premium design are all part of the same solution

Sustainability, design and premium quality are all part of the same solution. Therefore Fritz Hansen has developed a combined Quality, Environment and CSR policy. We will continuously strive for sustainable quality in all our activities. Sustainable quality refers to solutions where the quality, design and sustainability aspects are all equally important. Fritz Hansen will never compromise quality or design while working continuously on creating sustainable solutions.We will continuously seek unique solutions that will improve sustainability, quality and design simultaneously.

Fritz Hansen must comply with legal requirements as well as the requirements defined in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This policy is implemented through our quality & environmental management system.

Fritz Hansen will aim to use wood (which includes veneer, laminates and solid wood) which originates from sustainable managed forests. In order to provide assurances for this, FSC®-C120451 (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™/09-31-068 certification is implemented for selected product groups.

Fritz Hansen is a world renowned, reliable brand that is quality orientated and environmentally caring. It is of great importance to us to be considered as an ‘easy to deal with business partner.