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Introducing The Little Giraffe™


The story of The Little Giraffe
While the Little Giraffe™ in fact dates all the way back to 1959, the story of the versatile chair officially begins in 2018 when the design for the first time is in production. This version caters for heavy daily use in public spaces as well as it fits beautifully around any dining table at home. No matter the space surrounding the Little Giraffe it tells a tale of original Arne Jacobsen design, of impeccable Fritz Hansen upholstery skills and of a sculpture that simultaneously represents aesthetics and comfort.

During the creation of the SAS Royal Hotel (today Radisson Collection Hotel Copenhagen) Arne Jacobsen won the most fame for the building and for the lounge furniture such as the Egg™ and the Swan™. Very few knew of the Giraffe, a highbacked – or long-necked – armchair designed only for the Hotel Manager’s office. The original Giraffe had a wooden outline that was both extremely difficult  and expensive to produce.

Today’s Little Giraffe has a lower back and comes in fabric or leather with a seamlessly matching seat cushion. It pays homage to the original design whilst living up to the needs of modern times. First and foremost, the Little Giraffe is versatile. Use it around a meeting room table or frost the dining setting with the comfortable chair and enjoy the possibility of a removable cover.

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