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Ant chair coloured ask black 4 legs Ant chair coloured ash white Die Ameise Stuhl Arne Jacobsen Nine grey gefárber Eshe
Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Die Ameise™

3101, stühl, gefärbter Esche

Variant: Schwarz
Variant: Weiss
Variant: Nine grey, Tal R
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397,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt.
397,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt.
397,00 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt.
Ursprünglich entwarf Arne Jacobsen die AmeiseTM für die Kantine von Novo Nordisk, einem international agierenden dänischen Pharmaunternehmen. Heute gehört die Ameise zu den prominenten Ikonen der Kollektion
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Base Materiale: Verchromtes Stahlrohr
Sitzhöhe: 46 cm
The shell is steam bent in one piece made out of 9 layers of veneer. These layers are always lined with Indian cotton on the inside.

The chair is available in 9 natural wood types and in 2 colours in fully lacquered (the grain is NOT visible and two chairs will always be identical) and coloured ash (the grain is visible and two shells might not be 100% identical).

The base is made of chromed steel and comes in 2 heights (43 cm / 46 cm)

The Ant™ is stackable - up to 12 pieces and comes with linking device and writing tablet.
Energy label
Ant chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen
Die Ameise™
More variants
3100, Stuhl, gefärber Eshe
ab 364,00 EUR
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Pendelleuchte, P2, Ø 385 mm
ab 469,00 EUR
Grand Prix™
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4130, stühl, gefärbter Esche
ab 543,00 EUR
Serie 7™
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3107, stühl, gefärbter Esche
ab 397,00 EUR
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