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Pretty in Print

Introducing Arne Jacobsen’s signature stacking chair – Ant™ – for the first time in print. It’s a first.

The Ant™ Deco Silhouette is the first printed version of Arne Jacobsen’s classic design ever produced. The silhouette pattern draws inspiration from the chair’s shape and an original artwork produced for Fritz Hansen by the Danish designer, Krista Rosenkilde (b. 1982).

The lively pattern was originally carved on linoleum by the artist and printed by hand. Then it is scanned and digitally printed on the chair’s curved surface. Small lines and print marks lend the print a tough, handmade look and show the artist’s movements and careful handwork, keeping the design transparent and honest. Variations in the print’s application to the chair mean that every Ant™ Deco Silhouette chair is slightly unique.

Why the Ant™? The design team at Fritz Hansen discovered that the shape and size of the Ant™ is particularly well suited for pattern. Alone, or mixed with solid coloured chairs, Ant™ Deco Silhouette gives a small dose of delightful decoration to modern spaces, without overwhelming the eye.

The blend of handmade and digital skills required for this chair’s process also appealed to Fritz Hansen’s design team, which has developed an expertise in blending traditional and innovative design. “The idea is that we are able to make art versions of the chair, over time, in new and exciting prints,” says Christian Andresen, Fritz Hansen’s Head of Design. The Ant™ Deco series will continue in the years to come with more collaborations and prints to decorate the chair and continually renew its position as a fresh, versatile chair which is both functional and beautiful. Explore
Introducing Arne Jacobsen’s signature stacking chair – Ant™ – for the first time in print.