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imm fair 14-22 January


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We always seek to push the boundaries of design. To craft beautiful spaces that inspire and intrigue. Which is why we’re now venturing into a new realm of design, launching our Christianshavn textile series – along with new lighting, accessories, and new colours  for our Drop chair. To welcome our latest additions,  we’ve created six spaces for you to explore. To step out of the ordinary, and see things in a new light and in a new way. Have a read below on some of the exciting things we have in store for you at this year's imm. 
New textile


by Fritz Hansen

Proudly presenting Christianshavn - Fritz Hansen textile. To explain the name we have to go back. Way back to where it all began.

The history of Fritz Hansen began in 1872, where the enterprising cabinetmaker Fritz Hansen obtained a trade license in Copenhagen. 1885 was a significant year, when he started a furniture production company of his own and two years later he had managed to establish a flourishing workshop in Christianshavn – a central part of Copenhagen.

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A drop of colour

Sometimes all it needs is a drop of colour to breathe new life into a design icon.  This year Fritz Hansen’s ever-popular Drop™ chair gets a make-over with the addition of four new fresh colours that appeal to the next generation of urban customers.  Alongside the existing classic black and white, the chair now comes in a chic grey and also three playful shades of pink, yellow and blue. 

The expanded colour selection now allows multiple interior design options: from the use of bold colour mixes around a dining table or in a restaurant to simple graphic colour blocking or a stand-alone colour splash in a hallway or home office. Contemporary in appearance and fresh in attitude, the new Drop will undoubtedly become an intrinsic part of metropolitan living and working.

Designing experiences


Is it possible to create office furniture that combines comfort and aesthetics? Head of design at Fritz Hansen, Christian Andresen and Plenum designer, Jaime Hayon have no doubt that the answer is yes,
The initial thoughts behind creating a design like Plenum was a search for the best solutions rather than the product itself. According to Head of Design at Fritz Hansen Christian Andresen there has been a shift in the market from designing a product to designing a solution. With Plenum, Fritz Hansen has revised their collection and created a design that lives up to the need for flexibility and longevity found in today’s workplaces and public spaces. “A high-back sofa is far from a first mover product – but we do believe that Plenum, with its emotional appeal, offers a solution that the market has not yet seen. A solution where one single piece of furniture can enhance and encourage both collaboration, concentration and relaxation” Andresen underlines. Designing for the sake of the visual, the rational and the emotional is the absolute trinity that constitutes the Fritz Hansen design DNA and is found in every item in the collection.

Plenum might be Jaime Hayon’s first office chair design, but it is a clear reflection of his playful approach to designing furniture for the home. The Spanish designer challenges conventions, brings warmth to cold environments and softens the sharp edges of traditional public spaces.

“It is important to remember that my design is made for humans – to be used by humans”, Jaime Hayon says. “I believe that design should provoke emotions, make you feel good and create happiness.” Humanising traditional office furniture is exactly what the designer strives for with Plenum. About the collaboration with Jaime Hayon, Andresen says: “Plenum is born from a family of Hayon designs: the Ro™ and the Fri™ chairs as well as the Lune™ sofa. Every one of these items were originally designed for the private home but have proven to fit perfectly in numerous public spaces all over the world,” Andresen concludes. Choosing Jaime Hayon to refine and rethink office furniture together with Fritz Hansen accommodates a shift towards activity-based spaces. As the designer himself puts it: “In creating Plenum, the overall objective was to challenge the concept of traditional office furniture and create a feeling of home.” In other words, Plenum has taken the best of both worlds and caters for emotional and functional needs simultaneously.

In the modern workplace, one piece of furniture sometimes needs to fulfil several needs – be it the need for silence or for socialising. The rise of new ways of working calls for new ways of designing spaces “With Plenum we want to create a space that welcomes both collaboration, concentration and relaxation” concludes Christian Andresen.

Plenum Sofa System
Plenum Sofa
nendo N01™

Embracing modern life

A dining room is not merely a dining room anymore. We introduce a new wooden chair for the modern home and quality-conscious audience - the N01™ chair designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo. Created by the merging of Danish and Japanese aesthetics and purity, N01 brings back nature and embraces the essence of timeless wood craftsmanship. What is the story that lead to this incredible chair?


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