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Morten Voss portrait
Born in 1964


This self-taught designer combines shapes and materials in an original and challenging manner.
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Morten Voss


The autodidact designer, Morten Voss, is one of the finest exponents of the new generation of Danish designers. The ability to combine forms and materials in an original and challenging design is his trademark. Despite his starting point in the Danish, functional design inheritance he has no problem in going his own way or breaking conventions.
Morten is the founder and co-owner of the studio Voss Co Living, where he works with design of furniture, objects and interior design.

In developing his designs for Lightyears, Morten has been inspired by the Sci-Fi design universe, where everything is possible and nothing is inconceivable. His overall objective is to create functional and aesthetic added value.  

Aeon Rocket pendant detail shade