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Won Hundred Dots™

A limited-edition collaboration with Won Hundred
The Copenhagen-based fashion brand Won Hundred will use its signature denim to cover 100 Fritz Hansen DotTM stools, with hand-painted, individual numbers on each piece.

Won Hundred and Fritz Hansen are linked by geography and by a passion for design. Both brands were born in Copenhagen, the city that set the stage for this unique collaboration. It began with a stool. Classic and iconic. Arne Jacobsen’s piece was Nikolaj’s long-lasting favourite, at home and in the office. Perfectly stacked in the corner of the room, the stool stands as an open invitation - there is always a seat for one more to join.

Won Hundred was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen by Nikolaj Nielsen, with a focus on denim,
clean cuts and classic fits with risky twists. It was Nikolaj’s vision to create a brand that
never loses its relevance, whether the occasion is work or leisure. Today, the brand’s collections range from Won Hundred denim classics to new daring pieces with raw attitude and versatile quality staples for both men and women.

“The idea of seeing the Dot in denim is fun because the textile is such an iconic and well-known material, placed on a true Fritz Hansen classic. Yet the look and combination is surprising and modern.” Adds Christian Andresen, Head of Design with Fritz Hansen.