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Arne Jacobsen PORTFOLIO


Arne Jacobsen

Graduated from The Technical College, Copenhagen
Admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


Silver medal for a chair at the World Exhibition in Paris

Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Associate at the City Architect’s Office in Copenhagen (until 1929) music pavilion, shelters and entrances for the Enghave Park in Copenhagen
One family house for S Wandel, C V E Knuthsvej 9, Hellerup
One family house, C V E Knuthsvej 11, Hellerup 

The minor gold medal for a project for a national museum in the Cottage Park, Klampenborg

The House of the Future (with Flemming Lassen), The Building and Housing Exhibition of the Academic Architects’ Association in Forum, Copenhagen
Basket chair for The House of the Future
CLOC bar and exhibition stand for the roofing felt manufacturer Phønix, at the housing exhibition in Forum, Cph
Ane Jaconsen's own house, Godtfred Rodesvej 2, Charlottenlund
Easy chair for Arne Jacobsen’s own house
Krathuset, Krathusvej, Charlottenlund (Now torn down), built by architect M G Bindesbøll, 1844. Remodelling and extension, also in 1936
One family house, Baunegårdsvej 22, Gentofte


Private home, Baunegårdsvej 81, Hellerup
Private home for E Monrad Aas, Hegelsvej 8, Charlottenlund
Private home for P H Fergo, Hegelsvej 4 Charlottenlund

Mattsson’s riding stable, Bellevuevej 12, Klampenborg
Hearse (with Flemming Lassen)
Private home for Rothenborg, Klampenborgvej 37, Klampenborg
Private home for C Friis, Tranegårdsvej 25, Hellerup
Private home, Ole Olsens Alle 28, Hellerup

Project for belvedere, Klampenborg
Project for the Bellevue Beach (kiosks, changing cabins, tents, towers for life guards), Strandvejen, Klampenborg1932 One family house for M Steensen, Krathusvej 3, Charlottenlund
Living-room (with Flemming Lassen)
Exhibition Architect for the Anniversary Exhibition of the Listeners’ Association of the Danish Broadcasting Corp
Poster for the above exhibition
Competition on private homes run by the national newspaper Dagens Nyheder

Competition on a construction plan for Gl Bellevue, Klampenborg
Private home for Povl Munck, Hegelsvej 17, Charlottenlund
Private home for Brobjerg, Hegelsvej 18, Charlottenlund

Bellevue beach copenhagen
Bellavista by Arne Jacobsen

Bellavista housing estate, Strandvejen 419-451, Klampenborg, Awarded a prize from Gentofte Borough the same year
Bathing-facilities, Dragør South Beach (torn down)
Private home for Ehrhardt, Hegelsvej 3, Charlottenlund
Private home for V Grumstrup, Vemmetofte Alle 10, Gentofte
Private home for H E Holten, Hoffmeyersvej 29, Frederiksberg
Private home for B Schepler, Strandvej 464, Vedbæk
Folding-chair, bench, stool for B Schepler
Private home for Fl Jensen, Ordruphøjvej 30, Charlottenlund
Private home, Parkovsvej 7, Gentofte

Novo therapeutic laboratory, Fuglebakkevej 115, Frederiksberg
Arm-chair in wood and leather for Novo
The Bellevue Theatre and Restaurant, Strandvejen 419-451, Klampenborg
Chair for the Bellevue Restaurant
Chairs, light fittings and door handle for the Bellevue Theatre
Badminton court and machine showroom, Maltegaardsvej 20, Gentofte

Private home for G Wandel, Parkovsvej 19, Gentofte
Private home for Erik Dugdale, Kratvænget 9, Charlottenlund
Private home, Nordre Strandvej 53, Helsingør
The Eckersberg Medal
Competition on invitation on Gentofte Stadium
Competition, New main building at Copenhagen airport, 2nd prize (with Flemming Lassen)
Landmandsbanken, St Stefan branch, Nørrebrogade 160, Copenhagen
Seating arrangement and light fittings for St Stefan branch
Tennis club for HIK, Hartmannsvej 37, Hellerup
Texaco gas-station, Kystvejen, Skovshoved harbour
Private home for Steinthal, Hegelsvej 9, Charlottenlund
Private home, Jægersborg Alle 44, Charlottenlund
Private home, Jægersborg Alle 57, Charlottenlund
Poster for Bellevue Revyen

Bellevue Theatre and Restaurant awarded a prize by Gentofte Borough
Tennis club for HIK awarded a prize from Gentofte Borough
Competition, Århus Town Hall, 1st prize (with Erik Møller)
Landmandsbanken, St Jørgen branch, Vester Farimagsgade 37, Copenhagen
Stelling’s House, Gammel Torv 6, Copenhagen
Wall-clock for Louis Poulsen & Co
Private home for Christensen, Skovvangen 17, Charlottenlund.
Rebuilding a private home and planning a garden for Harald Pedersen, Dronninggårds Alle 70, Holte
Furniture for Harald Pedersen



Bellevue restaurant by Arne Jacobsen
Arne jacobsen sitting in the Swan chair

Competition, Town hall for Lyngby-Tårbæk Borough purchase (with Flemming Lassen)
Private home for K Johnsen, Ordrupvej 185, Charlottenlund
Private home and garden for Th Pedersen, Kongehøjen 3, Klampenborg
Arne Jacobsen's summer-house, Gudminderup Lyng, Sejrø Bay

Competition, spectators’ area at the Charlottenlund Race-course, 1st prize (with A Jespersen & Søn)
Competition, Søllerød Town Hall 1st prize (with Flemming Lassen)
Apartment building, Jægersborg Alle, Charlottenlund



Competition on gymnasium for the Danish YMCA, Emdrup
Conceptual design competition on buildings at the vacant lot by Kongens Bryghus, Copenhagen
Competition, monument for Vitus Bering 3rd prize (with sculptor Anker Hoffmann)
Ibstrup Park I, Hørsholmvej, Jægersborg
Aarhus Town Hall, Aarhus (with Erik Møller)

Competition, the town hall in Skagen, 2nd prize (with Flemming Lassen)
Søllerød Town Hall, Øverødvej 2, Holte (with Flemming Lassen)
Arm-chair in wood and leather for Søllerød Town Hall
Chair for Søllerød Town Hall
Tables for Søllerød Town Hall
Gentofte Stadium, Jægersborg
Hotbed, textile print, for Grantex

Arne Jacobsen flees to Sweden
Fish smokehouse for Leo Henriksen, Odden harbour
Dressing rooms, YMCA sports centre, Emdrup
Semi-detached houses, Hørsholmvej 53-57, Gentofte
Semi-detached houses, Ørnegårdsvej, Gentofte
Semi-detached houses, Ridebanevang, Gentofte
The Chain Houses, Ellebækvej 21-39 and 22-34, Gentofte
Private home, Lundely 19, Hellerup
Private home, Ordrupgårdvej 12, Charlottenlund
Textiles: Duckweed, Foxtail, Reed

Solleroed city hall and series 7 chairs
Aarhus city hall designed by Arne Jacobsen

Summer house Ebbe Munck, Arild, Kullen, Sweden

YMCA athletic centre awarded a prize by Copenhagen Borough
Rush, wallpaper and textile print, for Grantex
Textile print for Nordiska Kompaniet (with Jonna Jacobsen)
Competition, Pavilion in the woods near Hobro 1st prize (with Niels Koppel)
Competition, Theatre building in Fredericia, 2nd prize

Competition for the extension of the Copenhagen Town Hall
Ibstrupparken II, apartment blocks, Smakkegaardsvej, Gentofte
Wallpaper for Ernst Dahl
Crown Imperial, textile print, for Grantex
Textile print for C Olesen A/S

Youth-housing for Gentofte Borough, Hørsholmvej, Gentofte

Competition, Building for The Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees in Denmark, Copenhagen, purchase
Semi-detached houses, Maglemosevej/Caroline Mathildevej, Vedbæk
Interior decoration for the coffee import firm L Paulsen & Co, Frederiksgade 19, Copenhagen
Hyacinth and Waves, textile print, for Grantex

Youth-housing for Gentofte Borough, was awarded a prize from Gentofte Borough
Competition, Chapel at Næstved cemetery, 3rd prize
Competition, Council school in Åbenrå, purchase
Project for nursery and kindergarten for the association Børnevennerne
Trapez, textile print, for Grantex

Arne Jacobsen and the Egg chair
Ant chairs in private home of Arne Jacobsen

Competition, Council school, Esbjerg, 3rd prize
Competition, Yachting harbour and rifle shed, Vejle, 1st prize (with engineer Kai Clausen and Th Helleberg)
Hårby School, Funen
Dispenser for Novo
Bio-Bio, wallpaper, for Ernst Dahl

One family house for C A Møller, Strandvejen 504, Vedbæk
AJ garden, Søholm, Klampenborg

Competition, Chapel and cemetery for Lyngby-Tårbæk Borough, 3rd prize
Showroom for Massey-Harris, Roskilde Landevej 183, Glostrup
The Avenue Houses, Jægersborg Avenue, Gentofte
Semi-detached houses on Islevvænge, Tårnvej, Rødovre
Chair and desk for the American-Scandinavian Foundation, New York, USA
The Ant™ for Fritz Hansen

Gentofte Borough awards Søholm a prize
Massey-Harris project is awarded the Grand Prix at The International Architect Exhibition, 2nd biennale, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Competition, Town hall in Glostrup, 1st prize
Competition, Building plan for the area at Eskemosegård, 2nd and 3rd prize
Carlsro, semi-detached houses, Tårnvej 219, Rødovre with Mogens Jacobsen, Alex Poulsen, Magnus Stephensen and Knud Thorball
Ørnegårdsvej, Project for untraditional semi-detached houses for A Jespersen & Son

One family house for Henning Simony, Geelsvej 10, Holte
One family house for Upton Hansen, Gl Røsnæsvej 31, Kalundborg

Headquarters, A Jespersen & Søn, Nyropsgade 18, Copenhagen
Sausage-stand for Houlberg, Klampenborg
Søholm III, Strandvejen, Klampenborg
Project Carlsminde, Søllerød
Exhibition Architect for H55, international exhibition, Helsingborg, Sweden
Stand for Lavender Wool at the British exhibition, Copenhagen
Series 7™ for Fritz Hansen
3102 for Fritz Hansen
3105 for Fritz Hansen
3103 for Fritz Hansen
Clock for Rødovre Town Hall for Louis Poulsen & Co
Park lamps 59190 and 59192 for Louis Poulsen & Co

Series 7 1955 mirrored veneer
Grand Prix chairs in the round house Sjællands Odde

C F Hansen medal
Professor (until 1965) in architecture at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
Nordic competition, 1st prize, Town hall, library and sports centre, Landskrona, Sweden
Rødovre Town Hall, Rødovre Parkvej 150, Rødovre
Factory for Carl Christensen, Riihimäkivej, Aalborg
One family house for Rutwen Jürgensen, Vedbæk
Summerhouse for Kokfelt, Tisvilde
Arne Jacobsen door-handle for Carl F Petersen
Series 3300™ for Fritz Hansen
Lamppost 59190 and 59192 for Rødovre Town Hall for Louis Poulsen & Co

Competition on town hall in Marl, Germany
The Munkegård School, Vangedevej 178, Søborg
School furniture for The Munkegård School
Atrium houses at Interbau, Hansaviertel, Händelallee, Berlin, Germany
Semi-detached houses, Ørnegårdsvej, Gentofte
The Round House for Leo Henriksen, Sjællands Odde
Loudspeaker for Poul Lehmbeck, Silver medal at the Milan Triennale, Italy
Chair 3140 for Fritz Hansen (later known as the Grand Prix™ chair)
Grand Prix, the highest distinction at XI Triennale in Milan, for the chair 3140 (Grand Prix™)
AJ Cutlery for Royal Copenhagen (A Michelsen)
Candlesticks and ash tray for A Michelsen
Munkegårdslampen for Louis Poulsen & Co


Competition on town hall in Cologne, Germany
Competition on Nyager School, Rødovre
Glostrup Town Hall, Rådhusvej 2, Glostrup
General plan for Novo Industri, Bagsværd
The Egg™ for Fritz Hansen
The Swan™ for Fritz Hansen
Furniture textile series 9001 for C Olesen
Packaging for Odden Kaviar

Novo factory, Smørmosevej 25, Bagsværd
Project for administration building, Haag, NL
One family house for Erik Siesby, I H Mundtsvej 4B, Virum
Arne Jacobsen wall-/table-/floor lamp for Louis Poulsen & Co
Arne Jacobsen pendant for Louis Poulsen & Co
Acrylic pendant, floor lamp, glasses, carpet and sugar, salt- and pepper shakers for The Royal Hotel
The Drop™ for Fritz Hansen
The Pot™ for Fritz Hansen

Novo Nordisk with the Ant chair
SAS Royal hotel

Grand Prix Internationale d’Architecture et d’Art, Paris, F Competition, building for WHO, Geneve, Switzerland
Royal Hotel and SAS terminal, Hammerichsgade 1-5, Copenhagen
Housing-block, Rødovre Parkvej, Rødovre
One family house for Edwin Jensen, Mosehøjvej, Ordrup
Suggestion for TV set, for Jensen Fjernsyn

Competition on invitation, Danmarks Nationalbank, 1st prize
Novo, Nordre Fasanvej, København
At Bellevue Bay, atrium houses, Strandvejen 415-417, Klampenborg
One family house for Jensen, Parkovsvej 17, Gentofte
One family house for Gertie Wandel, Gentofte

Honorary medal, The Academic Association of Architects
Prins Eugen medal, Sweden
Member of American Institute of Architects, AIA
Competition, Hamburgische Elektrizitätswerke, Germany, 1st prize (with Otto Weitling)
Competition on town hall in Essen, Germany
Toms Chocolate Factories, Ballerup Byvej, Ballerup
Bridge project with engineer Schmidl
Park lamps for St Catherine’s College, Great britain
Eklipta for Louis Poulsen & Co
Oxford™ chair in plywood for Fritz Hansen

The RIBA Bronze Medal for the Berks, Bucks and Oxon, Honorary member of the Royal Inst of British Architects
Fritz-Schumacher-Preis der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany
Administration building for Byggeriets Realkreditfond, Copenhagen
Sketch for parliament building, Islamabad, Pakistan
St Catherine’s College, Oxford, Great Britain
St Catherine chair (plywood)
Textiles: Duck, White Hellebore, Pine, Spruce, Polygon, Forest, Angles, Ypsilon

Member of Akademie der Künste, Berlin, D
Competition on town hall and future mall, Herlev Borough
Projekt til Kunstmuseum, Hannover, Germany (with Otto Weitling)
Nyager School, Nyager Vænge 14, Rødovre
Sports Centre, Landskrona, Sweden
Suggestion for public swimming pool, Lyngby
Project for town hall in Landskrona, Sweden
Project for restaurant and patio with a view, Herrenhausen Park, Hannover, D (with Otto Weitling)

Oxford chairs at St. Catherines college
Oksen from 1966 designed by Arne Jacobsen

Member of Academia Nazionale de San Luca, Rome, Italy
Member of Académie Serbe de Sciences et des Arts
Competition, holiday-centre on the Baltic, in Burgtiefe, Fehmarn, D (with Otto Weitling)
Competition, the House of Industry and A/S United Breweries Ltd, The Town Hall Square, Cph, 1st prize
Foyer building , Herrenhausen Park, Hannover, D, (With Otto Weitling)
The Oxford™ series for Fritz Hansen
Two-piece chair, prototype

Honorary Doctor of Literature, Oxford University, GB1966 Honorary Doctor of Literature, Oxford University, Great Britain
Competition, mall, Gastrop-Rauxel, D, 1st prize (with Otto Weitling)
Competition, Christianeum Grammar School, Hamburg, D, 1st prize (with Otto Weitling)
Sketch for The National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait
Sketch for art college, Copenhagen
Reconstruction of small holding into summer residence, West Zealand
Resting furniture for AJ’s own country house (tilting back)
The Oksen™ chair

Competition on the town hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sketch for hotel and mall, Eldon Square, Newcastle, Great Britain
Cylinda-Line, hollowware in stainless steel, for Stelton
Packaging for Cylinda-Line
Loudspeaker for Braun

3108 for Fritz Hansen
Honorary Doctor at the University of Strathclyde, Great Britain
Competition, Town Hall in Mainz, D, 1st prize

Gold medal, Piu Manzu, San Marino, Italy
Die Plakette der Akademie der Künste, Hamburg, Germany
Rødovre Library, Rødovre Parkvej 140, Rødovre
Office building for Hamburgische Elektrizitätswerke, Hamburg, Germany (with Otto Weitling)
Production-plant for Novo, Hillerødgade 42, Copenhagen
Production-area for Novo, Svanevej, Kalundborg
Sketch for The Royal Danish Embassy, London, Great Britain
Sketch for a child-care institution in Gentofte
Vola fitting-series for I P Lund Sanitary Fittings

Lily chairs meeting room the Danish National Bank


The Danish National bank interior with Swans

3208 for Fritz Hansen
Awarded The Wood Prize
Sketch for headquarters of Confederation of Danish Industries, Copenhagen
Novo in Mainz, D (with Otto Weitling)
Kvadraflex and Kubeflex, pre-fabricated standard house
The Mill House, standard houses
Series 3600 for Fritz Hansen
TV-chair in leather and metal

Medaille d’Or, Academie d’Architecture de France, F
Christianeum, Catholic grammar school, Hamburg, D (with Otto Weitling).
Re-construction, American Express Bank, Copenhagen
Danmarks Nationalbank, Havnegade 5, Copenhagen (The second stage built by Dissing+Weitling, 1978)
Garden for Danmarks Nationalbank
Project for Roskilde University Centre
Office furniture for Scandinavian Office Organization Ltd
Arne Jacobsen dies March 24

After the death of Arne Jacobsen:

Holiday-centre on the Baltic, Burgtiefe, Fehmarn, Germany
The town hall in Mainz, Germany

City centre Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
The National Bank of Kuwait
Child-care institution in Gentofte

The Royal Danish Embassy, Sloane Street, London, Great Brittain