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How do you create effective lighting in a professional environment? It depends on the nature of the business, because lighting demands vary depending on whether you’re furnishing a restaurant, a shop or a hotel lobby.
Always start by performing an analysis of needs and functions. Assess how the space will be used and what the lighting requirements are. Be sure to check whether there are functional requirements for the lamps themselves (e.g. energy efficiency or central intelligent lighting control systems). Also assess the regulatory requirements, which specify minimum requirements for illumination, for example.

Make the best use of daylight, allowing it to penetrate all the places it can reach. Adjust artificial lighting as needed.

Combine direct and diffuse light. Direct light is used as a functional light. An effective use of direct light is to project it onto a surface and, that way, it can be used to create zones within the area being furnished. Direct light is produced by metal lamps (e.g. Caravaggio, Orient, Mingus and Calabash). Diffuse light provides a soft light that illuminates the room. Diffuse light is produced by lamps enclosed within glass, paper etc. container (e.g. Caravaggio Opal and Lullaby).

Lighting that’s done properly doesn’t create glare. Position lamps in such a way that you’re not affected by the glare of the light sources Many pendant lamps come with accompanying diffusers that guarantee that no discomfort will be caused regardless of the height at which the pendant lamp is suspended.

Lightyears offers ambitious and competent savings for interior furnishing using decorative lighting. Feel free to contact us for advice about your next business project. You’re also welcome to contact us at any time for help with lighting calculation and borrowed lighting or to submit a request for us to present our collection on your premises or in one of our showrooms.
Caravaggio lamp in the modern Library of Brest in France. The Caravaggio is produced by Light Years