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Textile & leather types


The Ro™ sofa comes in a wide selection of colours and materials. Below you will find information about all the fabrics we provide for this specific product.

CHRISTIANSHAVN: 85% wool, 15% polyamid. View all colours

CAPTURE: 85% wool, 15% polyamide. View all colours

DIVINA: 100% pure wool. View all colours 

DIVINA MD: 100% new wool. View all colours

DIVINA MELANGE: 100% pure wool. View all colours

FAME: 95% wool, 5% polyamid. View all colours 

FIORD: 92% new wool (worsted), 8% nylon. View all colours

HALLINGDAL: 70% pure wool, 30% viscose. View all colours 

STEELCUT: 90% new wool (worsted), 10% nylon. View all colours 

STEELCUT TRIO: 90% new wool (worsted), 10% nylon. View all colours

SUNNIVA: 58% new wool, 25% viscose, 8% linen, 5% nylon, 4% polyester. View all colours 

TONUS: 90% new wool, 10% Helanca. View all colours