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The facade of DR, Danish Broadcasting corporation

DR, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Copenhagen, Denmark


The materials the architect has worked with are brand new textiles and colours in carefully selected shades that correspond with the upholstered palm forest: “We wanted to experiment with some new fabrics that are rarely seen on a Series 7™ chair. The colour combination is unique and creates an alliance with the other materials in the room, and all of this can be done while reflecting sustainability in the image.”

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) is a publicly owned television and radio station with its own architect, Tommy Topp. Tommy is responsible for ensuring that “DR City” always appears at its most beautiful and shows itself from its best angle. Tommy sees the newly created meeting rooms as a nice upgrade that is now ready for effective meetings, where creative and innovative thoughts have a free hand. Tommy believes that the employees are delighted with the company acquiring new furniture and that they support DR’s recycling of the already-existing chairs, which appear modern again after being re-upholstered.

Tommy Topp has decided to re-upholster several Fritz Hansen Series 7™ chairs in the meeting rooms. DR purchased these chairs back in the 1980s. Many of Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7™ chairs have been re-upholstered once or twice throughout the course of time. “The chairs are in use every single day. It’s therefore natural that the fabric or lacquer wears out and needs to be re-upholstered. Looking at the craftsmanship and quality, it’s simply amazing that there is nothing wrong with the actual shell of the chair after more than 30 years of use,” says the architect. The chairs have a number of years ahead of them yet and moreover, follow the trends of time in terms of colours and fabrics, providing the meeting rooms with a new and modern expression into the bargain.

DR City consists of four different buildings, each one characterising the city with its own architectural style. The large media house accommodates approx. 3,000 employees distributed over 132,000 m2. It contains news and film studios, a large canteen, around 100 meeting rooms, radio studios and facilities that are able to form the framework for a meeting or a quick creative exchange of ideas. At the centre of DR city is the beautiful 180-meter long and bright “Inner Street”, which is inspired by a middle eastern “Kasbah” and serves as a meeting place and an entrance hall to the buildings. The Danish Broadcasting Corporation was founded in 1925, and the first employees moved in to the newly constructed DR City in 2006. It is an iconic, modern and architectural building, where the culture of the company has been integrated through the interior design of the furniture and the many creative areas. 

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Architects: Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, DISSING+WEITLING, Gottlieb Paludan Architects + NOBEL arkitekter a/s and Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Interior architect: NOVEL represented by Anders Faarborg
Category: Corporate
Areas: Meeting room, Canteen, Lounge 
Products: Series 7™
Tommy Topp
DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation
The Series 7™ chair placed in a meeting room in the broadcasting Corporation in Denmark.
The Series 7™ chair placed in a meeting room in the broadcasting Corporation in Denmark.
  • Series 7™ in a Meeting room in DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)