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How many pendant lamps should you use to light an x-metre-long table? And at what height should they be suspended?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions when people buy and mount pendant lamps. But there’s no single right answer to them because it’s a matter of personal taste. Nonetheless, we provide below an example of how you can ensure adequate lighting over your table area.

In the Nordic countries, pendant lamps are usually suspended at a height of 60-65 cm above the table. This distance ensures the greatest possible amount of light covers the table area without lamps needing to be hung so low that they obstruct your view when you’re sitting at the table. You can suspend a lamp at a greater height, but that means the light dispersed over the table will appear weaker and there’s a risk of glare as you’ll be able to see the actual light source.

Professional fittings

If you’d like to do a visualisation or lighting calculation, feel free to download the 3D and lighting calculation files from our download center.


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