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Fred™ Lounge Chair

Fred™ the art of lounging

The latest collaboration between Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen has a new identity.

Fred™ - meaning ‘peaceful’ in Danish – is a casual nickname and nod to the comfort and good vibes that accompany the chair wherever it’s used.

Fred™ draws inspiration from pelicans’ broad wings, gently curved bodies and distinctive bills. The lounge chair has a lightness and gracefulness that truly disguises its strength. Fred’s open, low silhouette is elegant from every angle and has a contemporary look. Decorative joints with gently rounded edges are assembled by hand in a nod to traditional Danish craftsmanship. Wide and flat armrests embrace and support the body, as does the curved backrest. The seat is designed for upright seating while socializing, reading or relaxing.


The Art of Lounging

Lounging is close to relaxing but a little more active.
It holds potential.
Fred™ The art of lounging


‘The lounge area of any interior project becomes increasingly important as more activities than relaxing and kicking back are moved to the lounge area. The key to a great lounge area is the right balance of personal and public space and an inviting ambience that goes beyond the mere interior aesthetic.’


‘I love to lounge. Sitting down and slowing down makes the world seem more peaceful, harmonious and dreamy. I prefer to lounge alone and find a spot to watch the world go by calmly.’



fred lounge chair


The Spanish artist and designer sits down to talk about his latest design with Fritz Hansen
Fred Jaime Hayon
What inspired this new design? 
JH: The idea was to create a “typical” Danish lounge chair, expressive and modern. Comfort was a key factor, as was the combination of the best of Danish design tradition and modern technology.

How does the final product relate to your initial ideas? 
JH: We knew from the start what we wanted to achieve: an extraordinary and seamless addition to the Fritz Hansen universe. We also looked to nature: to the rounded, streamlined shape of the pelican’s beak and body, which is apparent in the curved shapes of both the frame and the cushions.

Tell us a little about the process.
JH: It was easy and exciting. We discussed how to best use traditional techniques and modern technology to achieve what I believe is a truly great piece of design.

What do you like most about Fred™?
JH: It is well balanced and expressive and has the perfect mix of Danish tradition and a Mediterranean feel, which I love. I love the silhouette and how it looks beautiful view from all angles. I also love the fact that it is the best-priced lounge chair I have ever made, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Photo above: Jaime Hayon’s sketches and a photo of Fritz Hansen’s Head of Design Christian Andresen considering upholstery options for Fred™ in clear lacquered oak (Photo by Philip Høpner for Dossier)