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Designer Cecilie Manz portrait


This Danish designer reflects the essence of uncompromising craftsmanship in both her lamp and furniture designs.
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"I work with things that have a meaning to me. My general idea is always to have a clear argument legitimizing the designs that I make. Function is essential, and if I cannot formulate a good reason for a new product, it is better to refrain from making it"
Quote: Cecilie Manz
Cecilie Manz


Everything is possible. This is the message from the Danish designer, Cecilie Manz, who received the Danish Design Award in 2004. In her own design studio, Cecilie Manz strives to combine conceptualism with the Danish penchant for durable materials and sublime, craftsman-like finish.

An innovative fire and sense of detail express themselves in Cecilie Manz’s lighting designs for Lightyears. As she puts it, new products should either be innovative and rejuvenating, or offer improvement, in order to earn recognition. Thus, she has done her utmost to develop designs that do not steal attention from the light, but ensure that function always prevails. Cecilie Manz’s universe revolves around her love of art, and the names of her lamps are a tribute to her personal favorites.  
minuscule chair Cecilie Manz fully upholstered shell blue grey
Cecilie Manz
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CM200, chair, with leather piping, light grey
from EUR 1,324.00
Cecilie Manz
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Essay, Table
from EUR 5,433.00
Cecilie Manz
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Floor lamp, Ø 330 mm, 1515 mm
from EUR 833.00
Cecilie Manz
Caravaggio™ Read
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Table lamp, Ø 140 mm, 500 mm
from EUR 392.00
Cecilie Manz
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Pendant, P2, Ø 340 mm
from EUR 422.00
minuscule designed by Cecilie Manz
Designed by Cecilie Manz, 2012


minuscule™ visualises Cecilie Manz' design philosophy of uncompromising comfort and quality.
Essay table by Cecilie Manz with monochrome Series 7 chairs in white
Designed by Cecilie Manz, 2009


Solid wood meets lightness and aesthetics in the dining table Essay™ designed by Cecilie Manz.
Matt grey and white Caravaggio lamps designed by Cecilie Manz
Designed by Cecilie Manz for Lightyears, 2005


Creating a simple, soft design for pendants was the main idea behind Cecilie Manz’ Caravaggio™ series.
Mingus lamps in black, white and grey. Designed by Cecilie Manz
Designed by Cecilie Manz for Lightyears, 2012


The Mingus™ pendant truly reflects the style of Cecilie Manz, characterised by an edginess softened up by its simplicity.