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Your lighting fixtures will consume less energy regardless of whether you use a lamp with an in-built LED bulb or an LED light source in a conventional lamp, plugged into a standard socket (usually known as a retrofit LED). This means you don’t need to replace your lamps in order to install LED Wave technology. The question is, rather, when you should switch to LED.

Today, most LED light sources are available with a colour reproduction rating of Ra 80-92. Colour reproduction indicates how well a light source reproduces colours and is an important measure of how we experience light quality. In the near future, it’s expected that we’ll be able to buy LED light sources with a reproduction rating of Ra 98 or higher.

LED technology is still developing rapidly, which means LED will allow us to continually optimise colour reproduction where it matters most (e.g. in a pendant lamp hanging over a dining or conference table). All you need to do is replace your existing light sources with new, improved LED alternatives. Such upgrades of light quality are quite viable financially.

LED light sources are available with many different socket types and will meet most requirements.