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Marble from Fritz Hansen


The beige marble is geologically a limestone. It originated from the southern part of Italy. Each block is different from one another when they are extracted from the mountain. From a visual point of view this marble is a work of art constantly worth exploring. Every time you look at it, new details created by nature itself can be discovered and admired. Its mesmerising, informal veining characterised by a beautiful palette with shades of brown makes this marble a quite rare one. The presence of these marks varies from one surface to another making each table top unique.
Poul Kjærholm Beige Marble


Petra is an elegant, black marble, originating from ancient Persia, with distinctive white veins, which gives the tabletop a contemporary expression typical of the times. Meaning that, sometime in this kind of limestone you can find orange markings which come from oxidation of the deposited particles. These markings are created from particles that have deposit in the limestone during the times. It is a natural phenomenon and not a mark that is created after cutting and processing the stone. It is an extremely strong type of marble with a matte polished surface that makes it easy to maintain. The result is, that no two table tops will look the same.
Black marble