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The result of the latest collaboration between Fritz Hansen and Jaime Hayon, the Lounge Chair JH97 strikes the perfect balance between past and future.
Applying classical craftsmanship techniques to modern innovation design, Fritz Hansen’s Lounge Chair JH97 is a contradiction in terms: classic yet modern, bold yet simple, light yet solid. “We wanted to create a modern lounge chair that was light and sculptural in its expression; fusing Fritz Hansen’s expertise with Jaime Hayon’s sculptural design language,” explains Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen. The apotheosis of a lounge chair, the new iteration takes its inspiration from nature: Inspired by the pelican, shaped for flight with long, broad wings, a gently curved body and a distinctive bill, the Lounge Chair JH97 conveys a similar lightness that belies its strength.

Jaime Hayon and Christian Andresen share their thoughts on the new design

“The Lounge chair is more than just a chair: it’s expressive, light and comfortable, bringing life to a wide range of spaces.” — Jaime Hayon, Hayon Studio

Tell us about what inspired this new design for Fritz Hansen. 
Jaime: “The idea was to create a “typical” Danish lounge chair, expressive and modern. Comfort was a key factor, as was the combination of the best of Danish design tradition and modern technology.” 

Christian: “We wanted to make a unique chair that was light and sculptural in its expression; smaller than Jaime’s previous designs for Fritz Hansen, but one that married his artistic design language with Fritz Hansen’s know-how.” 

How does the final product relate to your initial ideas?
Jaime: “We knew from the start what we wanted to achieve: an extraordinary and seamless addition to the Fritz Hansen universe. We also looked to nature: to the rounded, streamlined shape of the pelican’s beak and body, which is apparent in the curved shapes of both the frame and the cushions.” 

Christian: “The result is simpler in form than Fritz Hansen’s typical designs, but it retains the brand’s sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship with its low, open silhouette.”

Tell us a little about the process.
Jaime: “It was easy and exciting. We discussed how to best use traditional techniques and modern technology to achieve what I believe is a truly great piece of design.” 

Christian: “It was also important to look to our craftsmanship heritage. Using our decades-long woodworking knowledge, we have added handmade touches; the joints of the softly sculptured wooden frame are assembled by hand.”

What do you like most about the Lounge Chair JH97?
Jaime: “It is well balanced and expressive, and has the perfect mix of Danish tradition and a Mediterranean feel, which I love. I love the silhouette and how it looks beautiful view from all angles. I also love the fact that it is the best-priced lounge chair I have ever made, making it accessible to a wider audience.”

Christian: “I believe we have created a truly stunning piece of furniture, where function, craftsmanship and beauty go hand in hand.”

Where do you see it working best?
Jaime: “Everywhere! Quite possibly the best thing about the Lounge Chair JH97 is its ability to work in almost any environment – from homes to hotels and offices – while retaining its authenticity.”

Christian: “It’s such a versatile, timeless piece. The removable cushion covers make it customisable to any setting, too. It’s a chair for modern spaces; for work or play.”