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grethe meyer candle stick grethe meyer candle stick
Designer: Grethe Meyer


Polished stainless steel w/silver plating

Variant: Package of one
Variant: Package of three candleholders
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143.00 EUR
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The Louise candleholders are small but significant – much like Grethe Meyer’s many other designs. The Danish architect and designer named the candleholders after Louisiana, the museum of modern art located north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally the candleholders were made in aluminium, but for this relaunch they come in mirror polished solid stainless steel with a silver-plated surface.

The robustness of the material adds both personality and exclusivity to the Louise candleholders and the mirror polishing creates a beautiful surface that will patinate with use. Over time the very even and somewhat cool looking surface will turn warmer and obtain that distinct almost noble look of old silver. The Louise candleholders can be polished back to being shiny again at any time. The candleholders can be stacked or styled individually – and they fit both regular candles and tealight candles. The Louise series is geometrically round and cylindric when you stack it. It is pure design with a high functionality.

The Louise candleholders come in packages of one and three.

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Product Information
Measurements: 6,9x2,1 cm
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