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Designer: Jamie Hayon

Ikebana small vase

Ikebana vase, small

Measurements: Ø 12 cm / H 13 cm

Jaime Hayon presented the Ikebana vase for the very first time in the spring of 2016. Ever since, the demand for the vase has been enormous and this autumn we are pleased to present a smaller version of the elegant item. Ikebana has the purpose of showing the entire flower - from stem to petals - and the new, small Ikebana is the perfect gift idea. 

In 2016, Fritz Hansen Objects was born. Ever since, the most stunning vases, amazing pillows and much more have added another dash of beauty to beautiful homes. Objects enhances the Fritz Hansen collection and enriches it with accessories for the design savvy and quality oriented home.

EUR 100.00
incl. 19% VAT
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The vase
is made of clear hand blown glass

The insert
is made of brass