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Designer: Cecilie Manz


Origami basket, H 29 cm

Origami basket by Cecilie Manz
Variant: Linen, natural leather straps
Measurements: 29x29 cm

Cecilie Manz is the designer behind Origami - a multifunctional basket inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The purpose of origami is to create an object based on geometric, folded shapes and patterns. The Danish designer has a fascination for Japan that shines through the foldable design, where minimalism, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. The Origami basket is made in linen and the straps come in leftover leather from our designs produced with nature leather - in other words, high quality leather that only becomes more beautiful with time.

In 2016, Fritz Hansen Objects was born. Ever since, the most stunning vases, amazing pillows and much more have added another dash of beauty to beautiful homes. Objects enhances the Fritz Hansen collection and enriches it with accessories for the design savvy and quality oriented home.

1,299.00 DKK
incl. 25% VAT
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