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Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Series 7™

3117, swivel chair, clear lacquer

Variant: Elm
Variant: Beech
Variant: Cherry
Variant: Darkstained oak
Variant: Maple
Variant: Walnut
Variant: Oak
Variant: Oregon Pine
Variant: Full darkstained oak
Base material: Chromed steel
Seat height: 44-56 cm

Experience Arne Jacobsen's classic Series 7™ chair with a swivel base and a shell in clear lacquer. The four-legged stackable chair represents the culmination of the lamination technique. The visionary Arne Jacobsen exploited the possibilities of lamination to perfection resulting in the iconic shape of the chair. Series 7™ represents the chair in the Fritz Hansen collection with the widest range of applications. Series 7™ comes in different veneers and finishes. All chairs are made of pressure moulded sliced veneer.

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8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
8,714.00 DKK
9,318.00 DKK
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Series 7 office chair in black coloured ash
Series 7 swivel chair in natural veneer, clear lacquer and armrest, designed by Arne Jacobsen
Series 7 chairs in clear lacquer designed by Arne Jacobsen
  • Series 7 swivel chair black coloured ash

The shell
is steam bent in one piece made out of 9 layers of veneer. These layers are always lined with Indian cotton on the inside.
The chair is available in 9 natural wood types and in 12 colours in fully lacquered (the grain is NOT visible and two chairs will always be identical) and coloured ash (the grain is visible and two shells might not be 100% identical).

The base
is made of chromed steel.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty: 
5 years: Height-adjustable, Swivel, Castors, Fabric, Leather: Basic, Soft 
10 years: Base, Shell, Armrest, Lacquer, Coloured ash, Natural veneer, Leather: Classic, Rustic, Natural, White, Optical white, Elegance, Sense