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Designer: Jehs + Laub


Jl10, Lounge chair

Variant: White shell, Divina melange 120, light grey upholstery
Variant: White shell, Natural leather upholstery
Base material: Lacquered steel
Width: 85 cm
Depth: 70 cm
The Space™ series is designed by the German design duo Jehs+Laub. The duo is inspired by the human body and nature’s ability to design itself. Their ambition is always to make things that are straightforward and not too labored. The Space series is designed from the idea of the comfortable feeling of sitting in a hand. The lines of the design resemble the paths, the roads and the fields of a landscape.
19,289.00 DKK
30,280.00 DKK
incl. 25% VAT

The shell
is made of injection-molded fiber-reinforced lacquered plastic with front upholstery.

The base is made of lacquered steel matching the colour of the shell and with transparent leg ferrules and spacer block between the seat and the base. 

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty:
5 years: Swivel, Fabric, Leather: Soft
10 years: Base, Shell, Leather: Elegance, Rustic, Natural, White, Optical white, Sense