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Designer: Poul Kjærholm


PK20, leather

PK20 lounge chair Poul Kjærholm walnut elegance leather PK20 lounge chair Poul Kjærholm classic leather
Variant: Elegance leather, walnut
Variant: Classic leather, dark brown
Base material: Satinpolished stainless steel
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 71 cm
PK20™ is a laidback and elegant lounge chair. PK20 is built upon a flexible matt chromed spring steel frame. The original idea for the chair was to use the excess leather strips from the production of other leather furniture to optimize production. But the idea was rejected because the leather strips were too different, and currently is only the finest leather strips used. The PK20 version with a low back is part of the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
77,843.00 DKK
67,771.00 DKK
incl. 25% VAT
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The shell
is covered with leather or untreated wicker. The leather version has a high back and headrest, while the wicker lounge chair has a low back without headrest

The base
 is made of matt chromed spring steel.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty: 20 years