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Designer: Jamie Hayon


JH610, corner sofa, 6-seater, oak legs

Variant: Linara 2494/340, Grey mist
Variant: Fabric, Linara 2494/30, Indigo
Variant: Fabric, Linara 2494/198, Blueberry
Variant: Fabric, Linara 2494/118, Gingersnap
Variant: Fabric, Linara 2494/237, Lead
Variant: Fabric, Linara 2494/324, Eucalyptus
Base material: Oak
Width: 314,5 cm
Depth: 243 cm
Height: 79 cm
The sculptural and curvy Lune™ design is characteristic of Jaime Hayon. In his quest to capture the intersection of clean Nordic aesthetics and southern elegance, Hayon has paired a playful design with Fritz Hansen’s renowned quality. The functional, modular system offers unlimited possibilities, from a straight two-seater to larger L-shapes, along with chaise longue options. Hayon’s addition of a unique aesthetic dimension to the flexible, modular sofa concept ensures that Lune is not only extremely comfortable but also beautiful from every angle.
75,000.00 DKK
75,000.00 DKK
75,000.00 DKK
75,000.00 DKK
75,000.00 DKK
75,000.00 DKK
incl. 25% VAT
Lune modular sofa in the colour Gingergnap by Jaime Hayon along with Objects
Lune sofa in grey colour designed by Jaime Hayon
The modular sofa Lune in the colour Blueberry, designed by Jaime Hayon
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Born in 1974


Hayon’s Spanish heritage and sense of humour are inherent in everything he creates, from lounge to dining chairs.
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are made of four layers of materials: A layer of support webbing at the bottom, the cushion foam in the middle and a layer of feathers made of duck and goose on top of it, all covered by the upholstered fabric. The choice of fabric of the Designer Selections is cotton only
The base
is available in brushed aluminium, oak or black coloured oak. The Oak wood base is FSC Certified.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty:
5 years: Base, Fabric, Cushions, Leather: Soft 
10 years: Shell, Leather: Classic, Sense

Environment & tests
The sofa complies with the requirements to the following standards: EN 16139 Strength, durability, stability and safety, Non domestic seating - Test Level 2; EN 1728 Strength and durability; EN 1022 Stability.