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Designer: Poul Kjærholm


PK58, table, Ø130 cm, H:71 cm

Variant: Composite, white
Base material: Satinpolished stainless steel
Height: 71 cm
Width: 130 cm
The PK58™ is a minimalist table inspired by the PK54™, though the table is somewhat taller and the choice of materials different. Despite these differences, the PK58 is still a study in contrasting materials and forms. Circle meets square and the pure expression leaves a monu-mental impression that makes the table the natural focal point in any room. The table was introduced along with PK8™ in cooperation with Hanne Kjærholm.
EUR 4,221.00
incl. 19% VAT

The table top
is molded in polyester with added ATH (alumina trihydrate – a natural mineral filler).

The base
is made of anodised,satin brushed aluminium. The base is assembled using 16 black hexagon socket screws which combine the 16 parts into the cube that makes up the

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty: 20 years