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Designer: Poul Kjærholm


PK71, Nesting table, 28x28 cm, H:28.5 cm

PK71 nesting tables black PK71 nesting tables white
Variant: Acrylic, black
Variant: Acrylic, white
Base material: Satinpolished stainless steel
Height: 25,5, 27 & 28,5 cm
Length: large
Width: large
PK71™ consists of three nesting tables that can be stored under each other. With these tables and their ongoing 3-dimensional shape was Poul Kjærholm showing the square in all 3 dimensions in his work for the first time. They can be seen as a precursor to his larger and more complex tables. With their toy-like appearance is the small, abstract tables very dynamic and they invites you to move them around. Poul Kjærholm often stacked the bare frames as sculptural symbols to illustrate the elementary properties of his other works. The importance of PK71 is shown by the fact the tables are displayed in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New
EUR 1,714.00
EUR 1,714.00
incl. 19% VAT
PK71 coffee table designed by Poul Kjærholm
PK71 coffee tables by Poul Kjærholm
PK71 coffee tables, designed by Poul Kjærholm
PK71 coffee tables, designed by Poul Kjærholm
PK71 coffee table by Poul Kjærholm
  • PK33 in canvas along with PK91 and PK71 tables by Poul Kjærholm.
  • PK71 tables along with the PK31 in black elegance leather designed by Poul Kjærholm.

The table top
is made of acrylic.

The base is
made of satin brushed stainless steel.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty: 20 years