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Cooperation between Republic of Fritz Hansen and SEB - Read the whole story
Designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg and Interior architects MTRE


Copenhagen, Denmark


SEB wanted to build a bridge between exterior and interior to create a working environment focused on quality. The flexible and transparent design of the building structure with main emphasis on materials like concrete, steel, glass and wood leaves the visitor with an informal impression that reflects the values of the SEB organization. Contributing to the creation of a Nordic look and feel, the choice of furniture reflects the core idea of a modern transparent organization. Both building and furniture is designed to last and with a minimum of maintenance.

By combining the highly refined furniture and the honest building structure, the total impression is one of distinct Nordic aesthetic heritage. Designed to reflect the workplace culture of the SEB organization the premises provide a stimulating and vibrant work environment, and help attract and retain the right kind of talent. Easy to maintain, flexible and with a rare timelessness the furnishing of the board – and meeting rooms and common areas such as the canteen matches the philosophy of the SEB headquarters.

The building and the furniture have a sense of lasting design in common requiring a minimum of maintenance that will show a positive ROI over the coming decades – expressing the values of the SEB organization. The CEO of SEB Bank & Pension is often quoted for stating that the HQ is the strongest possible branding statement for SEB.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Project completed: 2010
Architect: Lundgaard & Tranberg
Interior architect: MTRE
Category: Corporate
Areas: Board- and meeting rooms, Canteen
Products: T-No.1™, Grand Prix swivelchair, Grand Prix™, Plano™

Series 7 in the canteen in SEB
Series 7 in SEB
Fritz hansens series 7 in SEB meeting room
meeting with the beautiful seven chair
Arne Jacobsen
Grand Prix™
More variants
3130, Clear lacquer
482.00 EUR
Kasper Salto
More variants
KS412B, 120x240 cm
from 2,567.00 EUR


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