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New textile


by Fritz Hansen

The history of Fritz Hansen began in 1872, where the enterprising cabinetmaker Fritz Hansen obtained a trade license in Copenhagen. 1885 was a significant year, when he started a furniture production company of his own and two years later he had managed to establish a flourishing workshop in Christianshavn – a central part of Copenhagen. Fritz and his son Christian initiated the high quality level which has been the trademark of Fritz Hansen’s products ever since. So, with the launch of Christianshavn Fritz Hansen proudly celebrates its legacy and history as manufacturer and design leader.

The nascence of Fritz Hansen’s own textile underlines the design universe that defines the very core of Fritz Hansen: to create an experience and shape a complete world rather than merely produce furniture. With Christianshavn, the design process does not end until the last stitch has been made. In other words, the Fritz Hansen design DNA is now reflected in both the shape of the shell and the feel of the textile. Creating an entire design experience – that is Fritz Hansen’s metier.


Fritz Hansen has a significant history of working with wool which dates back to the workshop in Christianshavn. The complex craftsmanship found in some of the most iconic lounge chairs demands the use of high-quality materials along with meticulous upholstery skills. With Christianshavn, both strength and density are keywords and the mix of wool and nylon offers a soft touch rather than the traditional roughness that characterises hardwearing wool.


Christianshavn is presented in a palette of 26 beautiful colours – from the classic tone-on-tone to the bolder, brighter shades. The palette journeys through three colour genres: calm pastels, blue-grey tones and bright colours. Some colours are unicolour – perfect for the simple, elegant expression that enhances the shape of a design – and some are melange, where triple threading offers both a playful appearance and a fresh look, even after years of usage.