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Designer: Nicholai Wiig Hansen ニコライ・ウィグ・ハンセン

Night Owl™ ナイト・オウル

テーブルランプ, Ø235mm, H239mm

NEW 日本未発売
NEW 日本未発売
バリエーション: ミッドナイトブルー / ミッドナイトブルー
バリエーション: ミッドナイトブルー / アッシュ
バリエーション: スモーキーホワイト / アッシュ
バリエーション: スモーキーホワイト / スモーキーホワイト
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直径: 235 mm
高さ: 239 mm
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Nicholai Wiig Hansen's inspiration for designing the Night Owl™ table lamp was the desire to create a Nordic warm and cosy wash of light. The design is effortless and expresses that this is an informal table lamp. It consists of a conical base and oval shade, merging together to form a single unit of balanced proportions. Its organic design gives the lamp a friendly and almost human appearance – it's a lamp with a personality! The names of the colours are inspired by nature: midnight blue after the infinity blue tone of the sky at twilight; and smokey white after the glowing light of a full moon. Night Owl™ casts a warm and pleasant downward light. The asymmetric shade provides an oval diffusion of the light. The shade can be placed in four different positions, allowing the black cable to exit the lamp in the desired direction. Night Owl™ is suitable for standing on e.g. a sideboard, shelf, bedside table or in a window.
EUR 158.00
EUR 197.00
EUR 197.00
EUR 158.00
incl. 19% VAT
Night Owl image
Night Owl image
Night Owl image


ベース: アルミニウム / アッシュ

ディフューザー: ポリカーボネート




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