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Designer: Poul Kjærholm ポール・ケアホルム


PK22, ラウンジチェア, レザー

PK22 lounge chair poul Kjærholm elegance walnut leather PK22 lounge chair poul Kjærholm classic black leather
バリエーション: エレガンスレザー, ウォルナット
バリエーション: クラシックレザー, ブラック
ベースの素材: マットクローム・スプリングスチール
幅: 63 cm
奥行き: 63 cm


EUR 4,533.00
EUR 3,917.00
incl. 19% VAT
PK22 in black leather designed by Poul Kjærholm
PK22 Brown leather
PK22 lounge chair in brown leather, by Poul Kjærholm
Sketch of the PK22 lounge chair by Poul Kjærholm
PK22 loungechair in black leather by Poul Kjærholm
  • PK22 in brown leather, designed by Poul Kjærholm
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Poul Kjærholm ポール・ケアホルム
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The one-piece
back and seat is upholstered in either canvas fabric or leather. The lounge chair is also available in wicker. 

The frame 
is made of satinbrushed stainless steel. 

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty: 20 years