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Designer: Jamie Hayon ハイメ・アジョン

Favn™ ファウン

JH3, ソファ, 3人掛け, デザイナーセレクション

Favn sofa Designers selection Light grey front Favn sofa Designers selection Light grey front
バリエーション: ライトピンク
バリエーション: ライトグレー
バリエーション: ブラック
ベースの素材: サテン仕上げアルミニウム
幅: 221 cm
奥行き: 93 cm
高さ: 88 cm
ファウンは、デザイナーセレクションとシングルファブリックからお選びいただけるソファです。3種のファブリックから構成される9タイプのデザイナーセレクションは、シェル部、座面と背もたれ部、デコ ラティブクッション(2個)にそれぞれ異なるファブリックが使用されます。
Upholstery: Shell Steelcut: 605, seat & back cushions: Canvas 614, decorative cushions: Divina MD 613
Upholstery: Shell Hallingdal 130, seat & back cushions: Canvas 124, decorative cushions: Divina Melange 120
Upholstery: Shell Divina Melange 180, seat & back cushions: Milani 7157/50, decorative cushions: Remix 173
EUR 8,463.00
EUR 8,463.00
EUR 8,463.00
incl. 19% VAT

The shell 
consists of two parts; a base and a back shell, both are made from hard polyurethane foam with fiberglass reinforcement. Both parts have an embedded steel frame and the base is mounted nozag springs as well. The base and back shell are assembled with 6 steel brackets and Hex screws (can also be disassembled for moving with a Hex key no.4). The outside of the back shell and base is covered with a thin, soft layer of polyurethane foam and wadding.

The base
consists of 4 legs in three parts; an upholstered trumpet matching the base shell, a satin polished aluminium cylinder leg and a felt glide to protect the floor (1 set of large glides are included with the sofa free of charge)

loose decorative cushions are available.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty:
5 years: Base (movable part), Fabric, Cushions, Decorative cushions
10 years: Shell