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In 2006 Fabian Baumann and Sönke Hoof founded the Berlin-based design studio Formfjord. Fabian is an engineer with a designer's heart and Sönke is a designer with an engineer’s mind. Together, they strive to create products that function – technologically, economically and emotionally. 

Hands-on-product design
Switching back and forth between drawing, model-making and CAD modeling is the essential to Formfjord. It enables them to find creative and innovative solutions and to test them in an early state.
Passion of light
In their design work for Lightyears, they have focused on the interplay of light and shadow, as this is critical for the definition of form and space. Shadow yields contrast, obviously, and this makes light functional.
LIghtyears Pallas lamp
Pallas lamp in white. Designed by Formfjord
Designed by フォルムフヨード 2012年


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