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Designer: アルネ・ヤコブセン

Egg™ エッグチェア

3316, ラウンジチェア, レザー

Egg easy chair Arne Jacobsen rustic leather Egg easy chair Arne Jacobsen elegance walnut leather Egg easy chair Arne Jacobsen sense Egg easy chair Arne Jacobsen black elegance leather Egg easy chair Arne Jacobsen black elegance leather
バリエーション: ラスティックレザー
バリエーション: エレガンスレザー, ウォルナット
バリエーション: センスレザー, コンクリート
バリエーション: エレガンスレザー, ブラック
バリエーション: Basic leather, black
2,037,960 JPY
incl. 8% VAT
2,037,960 JPY
incl. 8% VAT
2,037,960 JPY
incl. 8% VAT
2,037,960 JPY
incl. 8% VAT
1,464,480 JPY
incl. 8% VAT



ベースの素材: サテン仕上げアルミニウム
幅: 86 cm
奥行き: 79-95 cm
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The shell 
is of polyurethane foam with glass fibre reinforcement. The foam for the upholstery and the seat cushion is cold cured polyurethane foam. The shell has an adjustable tilt mechanism, which can be adjusted to the weight of the individual user. The tilt mechanism is made of steel, while the adjustment handle is made of polished stainless steel.

The base
consists of a satin polished swivel center part (diameter 38x2 mm) of welded steel tubing and a 4-star base in injection molded aluminium. The leg ferrules are in a black-grey synthetic material.

Standard warranty: 5 years
My Republic Extended Warranty:
5 years: Swivel, Automatic return, Fabric, Leather: Basic
10 years: Base, Shell, Leather: Classic, Elegance, Rustic, Natural, White, Optical white, Sense