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aiayu portrait
Founded in 2005


아이아유의 디자인은 덴마크의 전통에 뿌리를 둔 것이지만, 아이아유에사용하는 지속 가능한 소재는 볼리비아 등 전 세계를 돌며 얻어낸 것입니다.


The design might be Danish, but the materials used by the sustainable clothing brand, aiayu, come from all over the world – amongst other places Bolivia.

aiayu was established in 2005 and launched their first collection of knitwear with the mission of producing exclusive designs, created with respect for the environment, raw materials and healthy working conditions. 

aiayu means ‘soul’ in the language of Bolivia’s indigenous Aymare people and underlines the passion put into every product from the brand.

aiayu’s philosophy is aesthetics, authenticity and sustainability, which permeates everything they do. aiayu is a company founded on ethical and responsible production in Bolivia, where the raw materials also are sourced. All the brand’s knitwear is made from the unique lama wool, Cashlama, from the Bolivian highlands.

aiayu cushions from Objects collektion
Fritz Hansen accessories cushion
Fritz Hansen accessories cushion
Fritz Hansen accessories cushion