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Series 7 chair Arne Jacobsen lacquered white powdercoated base Series 7 chair Arne Jacobsen lacquer black powdercoated base
Designer: Arne Jacobsen

Series 7™

3107, 체어, 모토크롬, 라커

종류: 풀 라커, 슈발리에 오렌지
종류: 풀 라커, 트리에스테 블루
종류: 풀 라커, 화이트
종류: 풀 라커, 블랙
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모노크롬 시리즈 7™은 압축 모듈 베니어 소재로 만들어졌습니다. 모노크롬 버전 3107 체어에는 엄선된 컬러의 파우더 코팅 처리된 레그를 매치했습니다. 시리즈 7™은 다양한 베니어 소재와 마감 처리로 출시됩니다. 모든 제품은 압축 모듈 베니어로 만들어졌습니다. 프론트 업호스터리 혹은 풀 업호스터리 체어가 다양한 패브릭과 레더 타입으로 출시됩니다.
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제품 정보
주요 소재: Powdercoated steel
시트 높이: 46 cm
The shell is steam bent in one piece made out of 9 layers of veneer. These layers are always lined with Indian cotton on the inside.
The chair is available in 9 natural wood types and in 12 colours in fully lacquered (the grain is NOT visible and two chairs will always be identical) and coloured ash (the grain is visible and two shells might not be 100% identical). It is available as front upholstered and fully upholstered as well.

The base is made of chromed steel and comes in 2 heights (43 cm / 46 cm)

Additionals: Series 7 is stackable - up to 12 pieces and comes with linking device and writing tablet. 
Energy label
Series 7 monochrome coloured ash in the colour Chevalier Orange, designed by Arne Jacobsen
Black monochrome Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen
Series 7 chair in Trieste blue monochrome colour. Designed by Arne Jacobsen
Series 7 chair in white, black, Chevalier Orange and Trieste Blue monochrome, designed by Arne Jacobsen
White monochrome Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen
  • Series 7 chair Arne Jacobsen Trieste Blue monochrome superellipse table
  • Series 7 chair  lacquered monochrome white black Chevalier Orange Trieste Blue
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Designer Arne Jacobsen portrait


디자인계의 선구자이자 에그™, 스완™, 시리즈 7™, 앤트™, 그리고 드롭™ 체어를 포함한 많은 혁신적인 작품의 제작자
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