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Fritz Hansen lighting Caravaggio Read HSP Table Opal Glass
Designer: Cecilie Manz

Caravaggio™ Read HSP

Table lamp, Ø 140 mm

종류: Opal (PC)
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The eye-catching Caravaggio™ Read series were launched in 2016 and has in a very short period of time proved its worth as an excellent lounge and reading lamp. Now, we introduce a HSP version made with special focus on the hospitality market. The common denominator for the original Caravaggio™ Read and HSP is the well-known shade installed on a flexible pipe that makes it possible to tilt the shade and thereby direct the light. The table lamp can rotate 260 degrees around its own axis thus giving the user an extraordinary degree of flexibility. The small diameter of the base means that it is easy to position the lamp.

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