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Nomu Flower Café

Minimalism and organic beauty converge at Nomu, Danish florist Nicolai Bergmann’s Tokyo shop and café in Aoyama-dori

Nicolai Bergmann dreamed up his Nomu flagship store with his wife, Amanda, having noticed a lack of places near Omote-Sando to sit down for a casual sandwich or coffee in a beautiful setting. 

Today, Nomu offers customers healthy lunch options and baked goods within a flower shop that showcases Bergmann’s avantgarde arrangements and signature ‘flower boxes’ as well as Fritz Hansen designs. The shop/café is a must-see for anyone in Tokyo interested in floral design, design or chocolate. 

Location: Omote-Sando, Tokyo
Category: Retail, Hospitality
Areas: Retail, Restaurant
Fritz Hansen designs: Rin™, Essay™, Egg™, Swan™, Series 7™, Drop™, N01™


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