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The Series 7™ by Arne Jacobsen is one of our most popular desk chairs. It’s no surprise. The elegant, practical design embodies form or function. It can be customised with a wide variety of woods, colour, upholstery, or armrests for a casual or more formal look.
home office series 7

3 modern home offices that are sure to inspire

With more people working from home than ever before, creating a comfortable and productive home office has never been more top of mind. And it can be challenging, given space and all the possibilities.

Here are 3 of our favourite home office setups from Denmark and Sweden. The rooms and styles may differ, but the essentials are always the same: a good table, a comfortable chair, and beauty to inspire and focus.


Shelving can be used for storage or to create space within a space – dividing a room or sectioning off a home office area.

Explore Paul McCobb’s Planner™ Series for brilliant, beautiful shelving from the midcentury design master.

Explore the Planner™ Series


A good home office setup doesn’t have to be complicated.

Remember the essentials: a solid table at proper height, a good chair, and natural light. Oh, and wifi. We can’t forget wifi.

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Arne Jacobsen
Series 7™
More variants
3117, Fully upholstered, Leather
from 14 225,00 SEK
Arne Jacobsen
Little Giraffe™
More variants
3211, Textile, Satin Polished Aluminum
13 470,00 SEK
Anne Qvist
More variants
Table lamp
3 395,00 SEK
Paul McCobb
More variants
Table lamp, Ø 136 mm
2 816,00 SEK
Cecilie Manz
More variants
Small, wool, linen, leather piping
3 825,00 SEK
Cecilie Manz
More variants
CM32, 100x265, Solid Wood
from 46 306,00 SEK
Arne Jacobsen
Series 7™
More variants
3217, Fully upholstered, Leather
from 17 781,00 SEK
Special Edition